Helping our patients rediscover healthy, refreshing sleep
Oral Appliance Therapy - treatment for snoring and sleep apnea that lets you rest . . . easy
"Sufficient, quality sleep is essential to good health. During sleep your body refreshes and repairs itself. If you or a loved one is spending night after night without quality sleep, then you are missing one of the basic components of good health. 

Did you know that the effects of insufficient sleep have been linked to heart disease, hypertension, obesity and other conditions? Did you know that 67% of adults snore? 

At Michigan Center for Dental Sleep Medicine we regularly see patients who are losing ground to poor sleep because they can't tolerate their CPAP machines. 

We offer a treatment option that is easy to use, non-invasive, travels easily and is proven and we'd like to help you." 
Dr. John R. Robison

We believe the best choices can 
be made by informed patients 
and therefore have created this 
site to provide valuable 
information on sleep, 
snoring, obstructive sleep 
apnea and treatment options. If 
you require additional information 
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When it comes to Oral Appliance Therapy, there is a difference . . . 

  • Our practice is limited to Dental Sleep Medicine 
  • We bring 25 years' experience in Dental Sleep Medicine practice to our Patient Care
  • Our success rate with patients who have failed with CPAP is in excess of 90%
  • CPAP intolerant or resistant patients - our specialty
  • Over 6 appliance styles for customization to each patient's unique needs
  • All appliances are customized/modified to each patient's anatomical needs to achieve outstanding results
  • 24-hour Emergency Access
  • Coordinated care with your hospital/sleep specialist to ensure optimum results
  • Proprietary testing processes have been developed to provide our patients with measurable results