The SUAD is custom made from acrylic reinforced by a metal frame and is a possible choice for patients who tend to grind teeth heavily. This appliance uses the Herbst mechanism on the side of the device for adjustments, and can be coupled with small elastics to keep the jaw from falling open during the night.
Oral appliance therapy draws the lower jaw slightly forward. This moves the back of the tongue out of the airway, allowing unobstructed breathing throughout your sleep cycle.  
The EMA is made to fit over upper and lower teeth and uses rubber straps that attach to “buttons” on the sides of the appliance. The strap lengths vary, allowing for gradual jaw advancement and makes this device well suited for patients with substantial jaw movement during sleep. Thinner plastic helps this appliance work well for patients with smaller mouths.
The SomnoDent® is made from hard acrylic and is a two-part appliance. The recessed screw mechanism on the side permits easy adjustment. The construction of this appliance allows for substantial jaw movement and may be a good option for patients with small jaws or dental arches.
The Adjustable PM Positioner was designed for durability, comfort and effective treatment of OSA. There is added space allowed in this device for the tongue and it is designed to allow for a small amount of jaw movement. Adjustments to gradually advance the lower jaw are made on the outer sides near the molars.
The Tap® 3 appliance is custom made with a harder outer shell and softer lining. This device connects at the front of the jaw with a small hook and socket and as a result can be easily self-adjusted by the patient, with the use of a small key, while it is being worn. 
The Herbst Appliance allows for limited lateral and vertical jaw movement when worn. It adjusts with side-mounted telescopic arms in 1/4mm increments. It can be fabricated from several materials and is held place by custom fit and claps if needed. This appliance evolved from its origins as an orthodontic appliance and allows ample tongue space.
The Klearway oral appliance is custom-fabricated of comfortable, thermoactive acrylic. When customized to the wearer it is easy to insert, fits securely, allows lateral movement, and is adjustable in 0.25 mm increments. This appliance is often used for patients who grind their teeth or who have substantial bridgework.

  • Oral appliances are easy to use, they travel well and they are easy to maintain. 
  • They are also non-invasive and in most cases have little or no side effects. 
  • They should only be fit by a dentist with additional training in dental sleep medicine to achieve optimum results and ensure comfort and minimal side effects. 
  • They are customized to each patient not only for fit, but also to better accommodate mouth size and meet the demands of normal nighttime jaw movement. 

As more studies are done, oral appliance therapy is becoming a primary option for treating snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. Recent protocol updates from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine have specified Oral Appliance Therapy as a preferred treatment option for patients suffering from snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea as well as for patients with severe sleep apnea who cannot tolerate CPAP or as an option in addition to CPAP. 

These are the appliances used most often in our practice:
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