It is our policy that all snorers and patients with sleep apnea be evaluated and diagnosed by a physician before moving forward on treatment for oral appliance therapy.

We appreciate the trust placed in us by referring physicians, sleep centers and dentists. It is our intention to continually work to earn that trust by providing your patients with the absolute best care available and then by keeping you updated on each patient’s treatment plan and progress.

All referring physicians and dentists are invited to contact us or download the support materials here that can make the referral process easiest for your office. 
Contact us at: info@MISleepMed.com or by phone at: 734-453-4530 to request business cards, referral forms or our practice brochures or click below to select materials for download.

Physician's Referral Form
Dentist's Referral Form
Practice Brochure

Information and links you may find valuable:

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Dental Sleep Medicine
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